January 30, 2020

Watch webinars

January 30, 2020

Watch webinars

January 30, 2020

Best products are built in collaborative environments. Period.

6 webinars from UXPin, Craft, GetResponse, Storybook and more.

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How great companies create a collaborative work culture? How it affects the end product? How to advocate collaboration in your organization?

Specialists from different fields – product management, design, UX design, product marketing – will gather to answer these and many more questions.

180 minutes join for free anywhere
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Product Tribes virtual conference is a community-driven event – it will
be hosted live on YouTube with the discussion actively led on our Slack.

Join #Product-Tribes to voice your opinions.


Michael shilman

Storybook for Product Development.

Elad simon

The secrets for effective influencing.

Yuval ketscher

Pixel perfect content strategy.

Abby hehemann

Product Marketing Plays Matchmaker: Bringing Teams and Tools Together to Launch Better Products.

Radek taraszka

The nightmare of presenting the design - how to make it right?

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